Ancient Knowledge


The wealth of knowledge that is to be found in the manuscripts and treatises of ancient culture is profound and unquestionably a plethora of wisdom. Ancient scholars have written in-depth works on diverse subjects ranging from mathematics to life-sciences like yoga,encompassing almost everything that influences our lives. The importance of these works is understood through the fact that this knowledge,even though dating back to ancient times,is still as relevant today as it was when written. In other words,it has stood steadfast through the test of time.
As students of life,we long to be familiar with information and skills that will take us beyond the trivial daily pursuits. As amateur researches,our pursuit is often hindered by the lack of knowledge of ancient languages,when wishing to learn more about the various glorious works of past times. Our aim,through our courses on ancient knowledge,is to bring to you a concise understanding of the timeless content of these pearls of wisdom,regardless of your prior knowledge in these fields.
With simplified contents,in easy to follow formats,we have made these courses as informative and yet as uncomplicated as can be,straightforward and simple. All these courses,you will find, have applications in our everyday life,giving you an advantage in your endeavors over your peers who are content with just modern knowledge. These courses can also be viewed as your entry into the great wide world of Ancient Culture; that is centuries old, yet not forgotten. You can pursue further studies on your select topics or can even venture into research work,as you will be armed with the basic knowledge,which will facilitate you to pursue these avenues.